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The pressure continues to vaccinate children. WHY? I ask. The reasons given can’t be the real ones.

We have known for nearly two years that children are not at any serious risk if they get COVID. So the normal reason for vaccination didn’t and doesn’t apply. The reasoning had to move on.

The next reason given was that it was to prevent them passing it on to others. I’d like to think that was never the real reason as, by my standards, it’s immoral and unethical to give anyone medication that could damage them (which I refer to below) to protect someone else. But we can put that aside. We now know it doesn’t work. Those vaccinated still get the disease and pass it on. So again the reasoning moved on.

I seem to recall hearing the argument that it would help to achieve herd immunity. I’m not sure that anyone goes down that route now. Allowing children to get the disease (over 80% have been infected, according to a unit at Cambridge) gives greater protection to the “herd” than vaccination. So again, we move on.

I now read that the reason is to protect against a virus or a variant that doesn’t yet exist but might in the future. Can we get more insane?

Essentially there seems to be a relentless pressure to vaccinate and a relentless search for an excuse. It has to be an excuse and not a reason, as people aren’t really insane - there must be a REAL reason. What is it?

It feeds into conspiracy theories about Big Pharma, which I am instinctively highly reluctant to believe – although it is remarkable that those on the vaccination committees do include a large number of those receiving grants from pharmaceutical companies.

But what can one believe? So far nearly 2,000 people in the UK (or is it nearer 1,500?) have died following the vaccination (nearly 20,000 in the US). These figures are, needless to say, not widely broadcast. I understand that it’s difficult or even impossible to get the age profile of the fatalities. But, even more important, the long-term effects of vaccination are necessarily completely unknown.

We seem to be oblivious to the dangers. The pressure to vaccinate continues. WHY?

I have a tentative theory about why politicians all over the western world are relentlessly pursuing vaccination – ignoring the scientific and medical facts. Here goes - with my very tentative theory.

The politicians went down the lockdown route back in March 2020 - again, against the strategies that had been worked out over the previous years to deal with pandemics more serious than COVID. The fact that a lockdown was against previous scientific advice was essentially hushed up by the endless statements that the authorities were “following the science”.

Once into lockdown, the politicians were keen to find a way out. Professor Ferguson said that they would have to keep lockdowns in place until a vaccine was developed. So, when a vaccine was indeed developed - even though some experts point out that it’s actually wrong to call it a vaccine - the politicians embraced it as a gift from the gods. As did the public and the media. We all became vaccine crazy. Rightly, of course, as it did indeed prevent serious illness and death, certainly among the old and the vulnerable.

However, it started to get out of control. The public and the media began to look at which countries were winning the race to get more and more people vaccinated. Anyone who questioned any aspect of the vaccines was dubbed an anti-vaxer. Getting as many people as possible vaccinated became part of the “narrative” - certainly young people, even children. It doesn’t matter that they don’t need it. It also doesn’t matter that vaccinated people can still get the disease and pass it on. It became a public duty.

So in this situation, the politicians faced a dilemma. Did they say, sorry, a lot of the stuff we’ve been saying about vaccination is now known to be wrong? Specifically, it doesn’t prevent infection and transmission. So it’s nonsense to insist on vaccination passports. It’s also nonsense to vaccinate those not at risk, even though we’ve been saying how important it is.

Or do we go with the flow? Drop all the rules slowly, slowly, slowly, and hope people don’t ask too many questions, being relieved that at last it’s all over.

Let’s go with the flow – a no-brainer. As the French socialist politician, Ledru-Rollin, said during one of the French revolutions: “There go the people. I must follow them. I am their leader.”

Tony Herbert

25 February 2022

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There may be a more sinister reason associated with Big Pharma, which we don’t quite understand.

Bill Gates has admitted that ‘Sadly, Omicron is better than the vaxx at building herd immunity’ and that it provides B- and T-cell immunity. (Remember, these are 'memory' cells.) Why ‘sadly?' He must have been letting his guard down. Sadly, his posts including the words 'sadly' or 'saddened' seem to be blocked. So also is the t-shirt that was briefly advertised on!

When have we ever vaccinated people who have already had a disease? Over 400 years ago Queen Elizabeth I knew she could nurse sufferers from smallpox after she had recovered from it.

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