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Tony Herbert

Travel journals and other excitements

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This all started with my travel journals: where to keep them; who to send copies to; how to include some photos – I having been defeated by the intricacies of putting them into “Word” documents.


I got some much needed help, first from son Dan, then from my daughter Julie’s husband, Rick. They, particularly Rick, whose profession involves the higher reaches of digital expertise, did the groundwork and, even more challenging, taught me how to do the basics.


What we have now is more extensive than originally planned. The main contents are perhaps still the travel journals, but we’ve also included various other things. Among them are my various memoirs, most of which have already been printed in book form. 


Then there are the “Essays”. These are things I’ve written over the years, many of which relate to some of my heretical views on a variety of topics.


One of my heresies, introduced to me by my sister, Amanda, is the question of who wrote Shakespeare’s plays. I’ve put these under a separate heading so that anyone who doesn’t want to disturb the traditional legend of the man from Stratford can move swiftly on . . .


Another section that needs explanation is “Brief Synopses”. These derive from my frustration, when going to the opera, at the lengthy programme notes, designed to help you follow the plot, but much too detailed and complex to do so effectively. So, I’ve often written my own – each more an overview than a synopsis – so that one can then follow what’s going on, with the help of the normal surtitles.


I hope you’ll be able to find your way round the website. Basically, the various categories are set out right at the top. Simply click on what you want.

Happy reading!



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